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We are a group of Anti-Authoritarians and Anarchists based out of the Boston University Community.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boston Anarchist Bookfair November 11-13th

Contact: Ian Chinich, ichinich@gmail.com and Elisa Gill, elisamgill@gmail.com
November 12th and 13th, 2011
Simmons College Paresky Center, 3rd floor, 300 the Fenway

Boston Anarchist Bookfair to Bring Together Activists, Community Members, and Academics for a Weekend of Learning, Strategy, and More.

Boston, MA—Since Occupy Boston took over Dewey Square last month in a protest against an economic structure that favors the one percent over the majority, Boston anarchists have repeatedly become the scapegoat for all actions that upset Boston’s authorities.

After police arrested 142 Occupy Boston protesters on Columbus Day in an early morning face-off downtown, Police Commissioner Edward Davis said that “a new group, the anarchists, wanted to take control,” and blamed their influence on the movement for the acts of civil disobedience and arrests. Mayor Menino also warned of anarchist agitators, saying they would “cause trouble” and take over the movement. Why the anarchists?

The sudden attention towards anarchists in Boston and across the country comes at a convenient time. Over the weekend of November 12th-13th, Simmons College will host Boston’s first Anarchist Bookfair in five years. The fair will showcase literature from dozens of radical publishers from around the region and the country and include strategy sessions, speaker panels, a radical film festival and, of course, books galore. Saturday’s festivities will feature a panel discussion between activists from Occupy movements around the country at “#Occupy Everything: Occupy Wallstreet, Boston, and Beyond” and a screening of 2011 Sundance Film Festival award winner If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front.

With speakers ranging from Tamer Mehanna, (the brother of local target of FBI repression Tarek Mehanna) to Klare Allen (a leader in the fight against the Boston University NEIDL Biolab), the goal of the weekend is to connect activists, academics, and the curious in a show of organization, direct democracy, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity.

The Boston Anarchist Bookfair anticipates that hundreds of activists, organizers, students and professors from Boston, the Northeast and Canada will come together this weekend to discuss and learn from each other in a time in which the ideas, methods, and tactics of anarchism are more important than ever.

The full schedule of events, films and speakers and a list of attending publishers and organizations can be found at bostonanarchistbookfair.org.


Monday, September 5, 2011

First Meeting of School Year 2011-2012

BU Anti-Authoritarian Collective would like to invite all you anarchists/radical people out there (at BU) to our first Anti-Authoritarian meeting at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 14th at BU's Women's Resource Center (in the basement of the George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue). Hope you all can come!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Go Veg for Earth Day!

Love our planet earth? Go vegetarian/vegan for Earth Day (today)!

Direct from Wikipedia:
Environmental vegetarianism is the practice of vegetarianism or veganism based on the indications that animal production, particularly byintensive agriculture is environmentally unsustainable.[1] The primary environmental concerns with animal products are pollution and the use of resources such as fossil fuels, water, and land.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Article in Daily Free Press

The Daily Free Press wrote an article about BU Anti-Authoritarian meeting (Feb. 2, 2011) to organize against the proposed BU bio-lab.

Occupation 101

Want to try and understand a part the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Want Updates on Egypt?

Protests in Egypt
We will be keeping you up to speed throughout the day on the protests in Egypt. A curfew has just been announced, starting Friday evening in main cities including: Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. Follow our coverage and check back for updates.

Counting Egypt’s economic costs
Egypt’s markets have been shaken as protestors call for the removal of President Hosni Murbarak. Find out what these means for the nation’s economy.

Graphic: A closer look at the Egypt protests
National Post‘s Andrew Barr put together a detailed graphic of all the protests in Egypt — from Cairo to Alexandria and everywhere in between.

Peter Goodspeed: Obama faces a Jimmy Carter moment in Egypt
Our foreign affairs reporter Peter Goodspeed weighs in on U.S. President Barack Obama’s role as the crisis in the Arab world escalates.

Oil surges on Egypt unrest
As one analyst tells Reuters, it is no surprise oil is surging: “Whenever you have violence in the Middle East, you have (traders) buying on risk. It will come off as quickly as it got there.”

Photos: Thousands protest in Egypt
In the largest demonstration to date, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the street continuing their call for the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak. Our photo editors have collected the best images.

Analysis: Egypt shows how easily Internet can be silenced
With few telecom providers in Egypt, it was quite easy for authorities to shut down the Internet overnight. Over 20 million users were left without access and showing how vulnerable the web can be.

Timeline: The 30-year rule of Egyptian president Hosni Murbarak
President Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for three decades. Here is a list of exploits starting in 1981.

Graphic: Unrest in the Arab world
Egypt was not the first domino to fall in the Arab world: we have put together a graphic detailing the unrest in other nations that have taken to the streets to protest.

Analysis: Yemen protests challenge Saleh’s long rule
Out of all the protesting countries, Yemen’s situation is a little different. The country is in poor economic shape, and neighbouring Saudi Arabia won’t be happy about the uprising.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Food Not Bombs in LA

From a friend in LA:

Hello internet, this is the second time I post this. Me and a friend are organizing a Food Not Bombs chapter in Los Angeles and would greatly appreciate any kind of support. Again, feel free to message me if you’d like to take part in it. If you are not from Los Angeles, you can still help, just spread the news if you’d like. Thanks


Contact him here: http://liberationstartswithourselves.tumblr.com/post/2968199110/food-not-bombs

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Our second issue has finally come to print! Come pick one up at WRC or randomly around campus from any anti-authoritarian you might know. Read articles about a planning meeting against BU's proposed Biolab, a BU dominated business district, a book review of "No Logo," and a calendar of events.

Get more involved in your Boston anarchist community!